Print can be overwhelming and the worst is walking into a print shop and them expecting you to know what weight of paper you need. 120# huh?  At Hola Ink, we are obsessed with printing but more obsessed with our customers. We strive to make your print experience as easy as possible. Here is why we hope you will LOVE us and we will work to earn your loyalty! Below is a list of features we have built with you in mind, so you can sit back, relax and drink more Margaritas.  

We are awesome and you are awesome, so here is what we can do together! Here we go......


Price out a job quickly

We know sometimes you just need to see the price before you decide. And what is more annoying than having to email someone and wait. With us, you can shop online 24/7 by size, quantity, material and choose your production and shipping time just with a few clicks.


Wherever, whenever 

Our platform is churning 24/7, so whether you are at your desk, on your couch or in your car (yep, we're mobile friendly). You can always access us to do these amazing things.


Design online or let us help

In the print world, many times the cost of the graphic design is more than your end product. That is frustrating, so we have created an easy online designer for you to choose an existing design, do it yourself or ask our gurus to help. Choose what is the right fit for you.


Create an online store 

Nothing is more annoying than forgetting what you ordered and where in the world your file is right when you gave away your last business card. Hola Ink Print allows you to create a profile that will allow you to...

  • Easily store designs and place orders
  • Get emails confirming your order and dispatch of your items
  • View your past orders
  • Reorder designs with a single click - hooray!!!



If you didn't realize it already, we are obsessed with print. But we are obsessed with you. Printing is so overwhelming and we are consultants to our customers. We want to ensure you get the right product for your needs EVERY TIME.  We guarantee you will be happy and if you are not we will refund you. We want to create raving fans and we hope you are our next one!