• Provide a safe space for clients, employees, or residents to disinfect their hands and shoes.
  • Designed for easy set-up and tear-down.
  • Battery operated dispenser, so no electricity required.

Tips and Product Highlights:

Now more than ever it is important to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses before they enter your hotel, supermarket, factory, residential building, or office building. These Disinfecting Channel Tents are easy to set up and provide an easy way to promote social distancing while sanitizing hands and shoes. The sensor hand sanitizer dispenser works without touching buttons, pumps, or levers and the floor mat makes sure that all footwear are clean and germ free.

The 5x5 Channel Tent is suitable for one person at a time while the 10x10 has a divider that allows two people to disinfect at one time while maintaining a safe distance apart from one another. Please note, there is only one hand sanitizer dispenser for both size tents.

Product Features:

  • Battery operated sensor hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Disinfecting floor mat: (1) 5x5, (2) 10x10
  • Easy pop up frame
  • Quick attach walls, and tent roof
  • High-quality full-color printing

Please note, the Disinfecting Channel Tents do not ship with hand sanitizer, batteries, or mat disinfecting solution. 

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